18 years

August 24th - 26th, 2018. Härkälinna, Hauho.

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Viking Line

18 years

August 24th - 26th, 2018. Härkälinna, Hauho.

Jumalauta is 18 years old! That means we can finally drink beer, drive a car and vote. It's time to take the first cruise towards adulthood in the wonderful Härkälinna castle, as is tradition, where we shall do all those things and more.


The party place is once again Härkälinna in Hauho, Finland. The place is about 35 km from Hämeenlinna and 60 km from Tampere. For more information about the party place, check their website. We will of course have sauna which we'll try to keep warm whenever it's needed. The might be some small snacks, but otherwise it's basically bring-your-own-whatever There's a kitchen in the castle you can use freely, but please take care of your dishes (there is a dishwasher) and trash.


We have booked some cabins right next to the castle, which are available for our guests. Each of the cabins will of course have beds for a handful of people and they are also equipped with fridges, microwave ovens, bathrooms and other amenities. There's also beds for 20 or so people inside the castle in case you just want to crash there. The beds (both inside the castle and in the cabins) will have mattresses and pillows, but you should bring your own sleeping gear (e.g. sleeping bag or bed sheets, pillow cases etc.).


The partyplace is located in Hauho, about 35km from Hämeenlinna. The easiest way to get there is by your own car (or hitching a ride from your fellow Jumalauta members).

By car

Drive 2.5km from Hauho on route 12 towards Lahti. Turn left to route 3223 (Sappee, Luopioinen) and drive about 2 km. Turn left on sign "Leppäniemen Hirsihuvilat" and drive down Leppäniementie about 2 km. When you arrive to a yellow farm house turn left and drive forward until you see the magnificent castle!

For GPS: Leppäniementie 196, 14700 Hauho

By public transport

You can get to Hämeenlinna by a train or a bus. Hauho also has a bus station. The party place is quite far from either, so please arrange someone to pick you up or be prepared to pay for a taxi. Organizers are not responsible for picking anyone up.


This is a private event. Please register at Eventbrite to get your invitation to the party. If you are not a Jumalauta member yet, don't worry — You will be when you enter the party place.

Register now!


Regular ticket 30€

With the regular ticket you'll get access to the main party place and its amenities.

Premium ticket 50€

With the premium ticket, you'll get all the same amenities as the regular ticket, and you'll also get one place in a separate cabin. Because the cabin space is limited, you'll have to share the cabin with 4-5 friendly Jumalauta members.

We will send payment instructions to registered visitors at a later date.


General compo rules

  • All compos allow multiple entries by the same people
  • You can enter your entry in multiple compos as long as other rules apply
  • If the production can not be shown with the compo machines the author has to bring a suitable, allowed-by-the-rules machine on which the production can be shown.
  • The entry must be delivered in a ZIP archive, with descriptive filenames, so it’s 100% clear which file to show/play/run
  • You can test your productions on the compo machine before the compo
  • Party organizers have the right to publish the compo results, with your name/nick, and all the compo entries
  • Disqualified entries and entries not shown in the compo will not be spread
  • Remote entries are allowed

Jumalauta demo

Typical demo competition but only for JML members. If you are not a member for some reason you will be instantly recruited to JML when you arrive at the party.

The compo

Anything goes. Videos, animations, live performances, whatever. Do anything you want and show it! (Finnish laws may apply)

Low-end music

Low end music can only use frequencies below 220 Hz. Music will be played through a low pass filter to ensure this.

Maximum length is 4 minutes. Allowed formats are MP3, XM, IT, S3M and MOD. Live performance also accepted.

Committee music

Music made by a committee. A committee may consist of one or more member(s) as long as all members of the committee agree on the decision.

Maximum length is 4 minutes. Allowed formats are MP3, XM, IT, S3M and MOD.

Fake ID graphics compo

You might be 18, but some of your friends are not. Help them out by making them fake IDs.

Allowed formats are JPEG and PNG.

Animated sprite

Maximum size 64kb. Max dimensions are 64×64. Must be 1:1 aspect ratio.

Allowed format is GIF.

Fast Graphics

After announcing the theme, you have 5 minutes to create and submit your entry.

Allowed formats are JPEG and PNG.

Wrestling entrance

Be a wrestler and make your own entrance with music and visuals. Audio and Visuals can be existing material.

Live performance, no remote entries.

Popup compos

Organize your own compo! It can be whatever you want. We can help you setup the compo in our compo management system. Rest is up to you.

Compo machine specs


  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
  • 4 GHz Intel i7-6700K
  • 16GB 3000 MHz DDR4
  • Windows 10


  • 180Mhz Pentium Pro
  • 64MB RAM
  • SB 16
  • Voodoo 2

Game compos

In addition to our traditional demo compos, we'll probably have some fun game compos as well. As usual, you can also organise your own compos.

Open decks

Open call to all DJs. Bring your records and play some music. We'll have plenty of empty slots in the schedule for every one who wants to play.

We'll have your basic 2 x Technics SL-1200 and a mixer setup. If you want to play CDs or digital, bring your own gear and we can hook it up.



Partyplace doors open. Welcome!
Opening ceremony!


Deadline for compo block 1 (low-end music, graphics)
Compo block 1 (low-end music, graphics)
Deadline for compo block 2 (“popup compo compo”, committee music, the compo, democompo)
Compo block 2 (“popup compo compo”, committee music, the compo, democompo)


Party over. Help us clean up and GTFO.

Contact us

Best way to reach the organizers is on IRCnet at the official Jumalauta channel, #jumalauta.